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Richard Herman – Immigration Lawyer, Ohio, Michigan

Passionate about diversity, traveling, and building a global community, Richard is the founder of Herman Legal Group: a knowledgeable and compassionate group of professional immigration lawyers with offices in ClevelandColumbus, Dearborn-Detroit, Akron-CantonToledo and Norwalk-Sandusky.  The Herman Legal Group serves clients in all 50 states and around the world.  Call Now at 1-800-808-4013 for your consultation.
With vast experience as a green card, work visa and deportation defense lawyer, Richard and his team speak over 12 languages and have over 50 years of combined experience in:

 Herman Immigration Attorney: We Treat You Like Family 

Family Driven

At Herman Legal Group, we treat you like familyRichard’s passion for immigrants and immigrant rights first starts with his family. As a father of two, Richard continually exposes his children to as many cultures as possible. Living in a blended family drives Richard to advocate for global issues as he continually sees the world becoming more blended and interconnected each day. A true advocate for diversity, Richard’s passion for immigrants sets him apart from his competition. His commitment and personal dedication to each and every case is second to none.

                                    Richard BELIEVES in Immigrants!  

Global Advocate for Immigrants

Click to learn more about RichardRichard truly believes that immigrants embody the strength and promise of America. Passionate about the advantages of immigrants in America’s job force, Richard Co-authored the internationally-acclaimed book, Immigrant, Inc.-Why Immigrant Entrepreneurs Are Driving the New Economy. A nationally recognized immigration activist, Richard is continually involved in advocating for immigrant rights. Through promoting diversity and the advantages of capitalizing on a diverse workforce, he hopes to help immigrant populations become more visible and accepted, especially within his own community. Get to Know More About Richard 

 Get the Help You Need to Navigate the Immigration Process  

Will Will Help You Every Step of the Way

Click to read our Success StoriesWe know the process of setting up a new home in a new country can be overwhelming, whether you’re relocating for personal reasons or have been transferred to the United States for school or for your career. Since 1995 Herman Legal Group has been helping to establish immigrants in Cleveland, Columbus and Detroit. Read our Success Stories

  What Do Our Clients Say About Us?  

Don’t Take Our Word For It

Click here for past testimonials  Our Cleveland, Columbus and Detroit immigration team is built around YOU-client trust and satisfaction are the bedrock of our law firm. With us, you’ll never simply be another customer. The team at Herman Legal Group provides individualized attention and is personally invested in each and every case, meaning you’ll always have someone on your side who is conscientious about meeting deadlines, filing the necessary paperwork, and becoming your strongest advocate. See What Our Past Clients Have to Say

                                     Speak to an Ohio, Michigan Immigration Attorney Today!  

We work for you, not the other way around

Click here to contact us today! Only after spending considerable time talking with you, gathering your information, and exploring all of the options, can we recommend the most efficient and cost-effective strategy that best fits your goals. We invite you to contact us now to schedule a free consulation with our legal team. Have Questions? Contact us today!  

Herman's book

Richard is the co-author of the internationally-acclaimed book,

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  • "You cannot find an immigration lawyer that is more passionate about immigrants than Richard. . . He is honest, straightforward, and fun to work with."
    Hao (2012)
  • "The quality of the work and people at the Herman Legal Group is second to none."
    Andrew Thomas (2012)
  • "The service, responsiveness, fair pricing, and great results for our clients are unparalleled. We unequivocally recommend Richard T. Herman."
    Past Client (2012)
  • "Richard Herman has proved time and time again that he is a person of great integrity and compassion. . . I consider him to be a most outstanding advocate for those treated unjustly and illegally."
    Past Client (2012)
  • "Richard Herman is a tireless worker on behalf of immigrants and opportunities for immigrant entrepreneurship. His sensitivity to immigrants comes from the heart and his passion for their success in this country is endless."
    Past Client (2012)
  • "Richard Herman and his associates took a personal interest in us and our lives; we were more than just their clients."
    Toshiaki Nagahara (2012)
  • "Cleveland's Best-- Richard Herman and his team are very professional and a pleasure to work with."
    Abram S (2012)
  • "Richard Herman is a recognized community leader with tremendous integrity, background, talent, professionalism and people skills."
    Past Client (2012)
  • "I have known Richard Herman and his Associates since 1995. . . He is very knowledgeable, understanding, kind, supportive, and a strong attorney."
    Alla (2012)
  • "Richard is a powerful, knowledgeable, and zealous advocate for smarter immigration policies."
    Past Client (2012)


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