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In 1993, only a few weeks after passing the Ohio bar exam, Richard arrived in Moscow to begin practicing international business law.  He joined White & Associates and for two years began helping local Russian business owners with U.S. business immigration issues.  His experiences in Russia were life-changing. Two years of living and working abroad taught Richard a lot about business, international law, and people.

“I didn’t make millions over there, but it definitely paid off for me because it just changed my whole perspective on law practice, on business, on everything.  I feel now that I can go anywhere in the world and make something happen.”

After making an impact overseas, Richard decided to make something happen back in his hometown of Cleveland.  While on a visit back to the United States from Russia, he became aware of a large and growing immigrant population of Russian Jews in Cleveland, people who could benefit from his legal skills as well as his knowledge of the Russian language and culture.



In 1995 Richard T. Herman & Associates was born. Since then Richard, a top immigration attorney and his team have developed over 18 years’ worth of experience helping the Cleveland community prospers.

Always rooting for the underdog, Richard believes that Cleveland is at a tipping point for growth. Through building his own family immigration practice in town, he hopes to be a part of Cleveland’s revolution. Richard T. Herman & Associates has vast knowledge of Cleveland immigration courts and Immigration Offices in Cleveland, Ohio.



A Cleveland native, Richard is also a local graduate of Case Western Reserve University School of Law.




Richard’s passion for immigrants and immigrant rights first starts with his family.  Even in his personal life, Richard leads a global lifestyle.  A former resident of Moscow, Russia, he is married to Dr. Kimberly Chen, an internal medicine physician born in Taiwan.  Living in a blended family drives Richard to advocate for global issues.   He sees the world becoming more blended and interconnected each day.

Richard and his wife are raising their children, Nathan and Isabella, to be citizens of the world.

“We try to expose them to as many cultures as possible. The kids have been to Taiwan multiple times and as they get older we hope to travel all over the world with them,” says Richard.


Always a global enthusiast, Richard travels abroad every chance he gets.  He loves being a stranger in a strange land experiencing new sights, sounds and smells. He especially enjoys visiting China when he can (specifically Beijing and Shanghai) as well as his wife’s hometown of Taipei, Taiwan. Richard appreciates being around, and learning from, people that are different from him.

His next exploration:  Latin America is calling!


As a father of two, Richard spends the majority of his free time involved in his kids activities.  Whether it’s competitive swimming, gymnastics, or music lessons- every weekend there is always something going on.



However when he does find time for himself, Richard enjoys writing music as well as playing the electric guitar and piano.  In addition, having already published one non-fiction book, Richard enjoys writing in his spare time.  After retirement, he plans on doing more creative writing and getting involved in writing fiction.

An outspoken national advocate for immigrants, Richard continues raising the issues that matter the most for the immigrant community, whether this relates to reforming immigration laws, or to civil rights.  Through his writing, speaking engagements and social media, Richard continues to raise awareness on the importance of immigration reform and immigrant rights.  A pillar of his campaign is to educate the mainstream community on the assets that immigrants bring to America:  talent, entrepreneurship, innovation, work ethic, family values and patriotism. The bottom line?  Immigrants make America stronger!  


Passionate about the advantages of immigrants in America’s job force, Richard co-authored the internationally-acclaimed book, Immigrant, Inc. — Why Immigrant Entrepreneurs Are Driving the New Economy.


As Richard says:

Some people in Cleveland say globalization and international competition is a bad thing, but I see the intensity immigrants bring here to their businesses and their jobs.  A lot of the folks I represent don’t speak English very well, or at all, yet they work their businesses 80, 90, 100 hours a week. . . immigrants are an advantage”

Richard is the co-founder of Go Global Cleveland, a nonprofit organization that encourages the Northeast Ohio region to adopt a global outlook and to embrace cross-cultural business alliances and global connectivity.


Richard is also the co-founder of TiE-Ohio, a chapter of The Immigrant Entrepreneurs Association based in Silicon Valley.  This chapter helps encourage immigrant, international, and minority entrepreneurs to launch businesses in the Northeast Ohio region.


Richard has also been active with:



Inside Richard’s home there is a 6 foot by 6 foot Hindu temple.

Even more interesting: Neither Richard or his wife practice Hinduism.  Constructed from marble and incredibly ornate, this massive temple was installed by the Indian family that lived in their house before them.  Upon first moving in, Richard’s wife Kimberly originally wanted to remove the temple.  Richard, however, put his legal skills to use and advocated to keep it.  For him, the temple was a fixture of diversity.  Ultimately Richard’s persuasive skills prevailed.  And while the Herman family does not practice Hinduism, their in-house temple has become a peaceful place that they can go to for reflection.

Passionate about diversity, traveling and building a global community, Richard is the founder of the Herman Legal Group. Richard and his team speak over 12 languages and have over 50 years of experience in immigration law.


Charmaine Rozario

Head of Business Immigration

Charmaine Rozario heads the Business Immigration Division of Richard T. Herman & Associates.  She was licensed in the Bombay, India High Court, received her LLM from Case Western Reserve University School of Law with Honors, and is fluent in Hindi and conversant in Arabic and French.


Vania Sefanova

Head of Deportation

Vania Stefanova heads the firm’s Deportation Division.  She formerly served as legal counsel to the Government of Bulgaria, is fluent in Russian, French, Serbian, Bulgarian, and Croatian, and is a graduate of the Akron University School of Law.


Richard Seman

Head of Personal Injury, Employment and Criminal Division

Richard Seman heads the Personal Injury, Employment and Criminal Division and is a graduate of the Case Western Reserve University School of Law.

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